Texas legislators passed some bills improving the power grid, but will it prevent another black out?

For those millions of Texans who found themselves shivering in the dark for a deadly February week - the legislature had no higher priority than to assure - through multiple measures - that a similar avoidable disaster - would never happen again.
Highly regarded energy author Robert Bryce - no stranger to this program - has been following the outcome closely.


We heard it from all our state leaders - "never again" - never again will the lone star state's power grid get blind-sided by a ferocious winter storm, leaving Texans to face deadly cold and darkness.
 Do you have confidence our leaders got the job done? 

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Senate Bill 3 would require infrastructure upgrades to prepare for extreme weather. It also aims to improve the state's electricity supply chain and creates a statewide emergency alert system. 
Lawmakers also approved legislation to overhaul the ERCOT board, expand the Public Utility Commission to five members, from three, and ban Griddy-type retail plans that left some Texans with bills as high as $5,000.