Politicians pick their voters as district boundaries are designed - What's Your Point?


If all the challenges facing the 87th texas legislature weren't enough, lawmakers will also tackle the process of drawing new political boundaries for the coming decade.

If manipulated unfairly by the party with the upper hand these lines on a map can expand and perpetuate power and leave entire communities with little voice or influence as politicians pick their voters and not the other way around.

Texas Democrats had dearly hoped to have a better seat at the redistricting table, but that evaporated on November 3rd when they failed to flip the Texas House.

This week's panel, Mark Jones, Rice University political analyst, Sue Lovell, former Houston City Councilmember, Charles Blain, founder of Urban reform,  Bill King, businessman, and columnist, Jasper Scherer, Houston Chronicle political reporter join host Greg Groogan to talk about the future of state and national district lines.

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