Harris County budget stuck in limbo - What's Your Point?

From a courtroom packed with angry peace officers, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo exited without hearing their protests or concerns.

Hidalgo says she is still recovering from illness and made an appearance to see if quorum denying republican commissioners had re-considered their position and come to the table to approve a budget and tax rate.

They had not….with both Precinct 4’s Jack Cagle and Precinct 3’s Tom Ramsey still rejecting a Democrat-backed proposal to increase tax revenue by a quarter billion dollars without guaranteeing the funding of the hundreds of additional patrol officers many in the public have demanded.

 Without detailing the counter-proposals – suffice it to say – any trust between the rival factions was obliterated long before this stalemate….which has left Harris government stuck squarely in the middle of dysfunction junction.

 The peace officers say they will not be denied their right to protest….and plan to swamp the room again at the next called meeting. A Special meeting has been called for Monday, October 17  at 2pm