Filling Ginsburg's seat - What's Your Point?

The death of a legal icon opens a precious seat on the nation's highest court. If "hypocrisy" were a crime, what's unfolded within the Republican majority of the United States Senate could be categorized as both "aggravated" and in the "first degree” Choosing to smash through a supreme court nominee in the final weeks leading up to a closely contested election is not just antithetical to the dying wish of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but more critically represents a stone-cold contradiction of very public pronouncements made by a whole host of Republican senators back in 2016, as they rationalized their collective refusal to consider President Obama's nomination of Justice Merrick Garland.



Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham attributed his change of heart to Democratic "behavior" during the contentious confirmation of Trump nominee Brett Kavanaugh  saying, "You reap what you sow."

This week's panel Charles Blain, Urban Reform, Bill King, columnist and Houston businessman, Tony Diaz, educator and host of Latino News and Politics (KPFT), Tomaro Bell, neighborhood leader, Jacquie Baly, political professor UH-Downtown joins Greg Groogan to answer the question, have senate Republicans sacrificed their integrity in the rush to fill the vacant seat on the bench with one of their own?


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