Bill requiring officers to intercede when they see excessive force being used - What's Your point?

After relentless and frankly justifiable calls for "better policing" in our country, in our state, and in our community - the Texas Senate this week unanimously approved the first substantial piece of law enforcement reform in the current legislative session.


SB 68 authored by Houston’s Boris miles will require all Texas peace officers to immediately intercede when they see fellow cops using excessive force and then report what they've witnessed.

This is just one of many police reforms currently before state lawmakers, with only five weeks left in the session. 

This week’s panel: Tony Diaz - host of Latino Politics and News on KPFT radio, well-known businessman and columnist Bill King, Charles Blain, founder of the advocacy group Urban Reform, conservative commentator – Gary Polland, and former city council member, Sue Lovell join Greg Groogan to discuss police reform in Texas.

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