Exploring Coldspring, Texas

Coldspring, Texas, is just a one tank trip away. FOX 26's Chelsea Edwards takes us along as she explores the small town.

One Tank Trip: Coldspring, Texas

Summertime is wrapping up, but there are still plenty of places around Houston for a one tank getaway. FOX 26's Chelsea Edwards takes us to Coldspring, Texas.

One Tank Trip: Exploring Palacios

FOX 26's Chelsea Edwards shares how history, food and fun all come together in the Palacios, Texas, just a one-tank trip away from Houston.

One Tank Trip: Beaumont's museums and nature

FOX 26 reporter Chelsea Edwards takes you back in time with a visit to Beaumont's Lamar University for the Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum. She also takes us into nature at the city's Cattail Marsh Scenic Wetlands & Boardwalk.

One tank trip to Bellville!

Chelsea Edwards takes a One Tank Trip to Bellville where she explores Newman’s castle, meets a king, and witnesses a palace takeover! She also finds a spot on the Texas Independence Wine Trail that’s worth a detour!

One Tank Trip: Local eats in La Grange

Chelsea Edwards continues her one tank trip to La Grange, Texas, and gets the scoop on what locals like to eat. During a visit, you can hike to breathtaking views and enjoy the town’s history preserved in nature and architecture.