Concerns on Katy ISD's gender fluidity policy

Katy ISD Trustees approved a controversial new policy focused on transgender students. They met up until midnight and the decision was a close one. FOX 26's Shelby Rose has more on the policy and the heated debate.

Pride month drag show canceled at bp

The trend of canceling drag queen events around the country continues and the city of Houston is no exception. One drag queen performer says she found herself exed out of two events during the height of Pride month. FOX 26's Isiah Carey has more on the story.

Pride parade in downtown Houston

'All We Need Is Love' is the theme for the Pride festivities in Houston this weekend. Downtown Houston was packed as the Pride parade rolled through. FOX 26's Sherman Desselle spoke to attendees who share their experiences.

LGBTQ people who've changed the world

'Pride' is a time for celebration and acceptance, for many, and a time to honor the people who have paved the way for others. One of our sister FOX stations partnered with "The Advocate" magazine for a look at the contributions made by some influential LGBTQ community members. Teresa Priolo shows us how they've shaped the course of history.

How to talk to your children about Pride Month

Young children may have plenty of questions about Pride Month. This time of year may also open the conversation for others about their gender. We talked to a doctor who specializes in treatment for the LGBTQ+ community.