2022 Amazon Prime Day deals and tips

Amazon is announcing new deals for this year’s Amazon Prime Day. Consumer Reporter Heather Sullivan talks with Lisa Leung from Amazon Prime about some of this year’s biggest deals.

Dallas police looking for man accused of stealing five Amazon delivery trucks

Dallas police are looking for a man believed to be behind five thefts of Amazon delivery trucks along with all of the packages inside. Police have already arrested the woman seen alongside him in the vehicle's camera. They say they know who the man is, but they need the public's help to find him.        

Price of Amazon Prime memberships going up

Amazon announced Thursday that it would be boosting the price of its Prime membership for U.S. customers, citing rising costs as the reason behind the decision.

Protecting your packages from porch pirates

More than 200 million Americans say they've had a package taken from them in just the past year, and thieves are apparently targeting Amazon packages significantly more than others. Here are some tips that may help you keep your goods out of the wrong hands.