Ways to save more money on Amazon Prime Day!

Amazon Prime Day... one of the biggest sales of the year is this Monday and Tuesday. And the sale is expected to be twice as big as last year with two million items on sale. Consumer Reporter Heather Sullivan tells us the best bargains for you!

How to score big with Amazon Prime Day and its competitors

Over the years, Amazon Prime Day has grown into a multi-day event, giving deal seekers the chance to score big with the online retail giant and its competitors. It's coming up next week. Trae Bodge, Smart Shopping Expert at Truetrae.com, has tips on where to find the discounts.

Should you disable Amazon Sidewalk?

If you have Amazon Alexa, Echo, or a Ring Doorbell, the company is launching Amazon Sidewalk to help you keep those devices connected even if your wifi goes out. However, cyber experts say it could also leave you open to hackers.