Ty Lawson bringing championship optimism to Rockets

Most of the buzz during Rockets Media Day was about what Ty Lawson could do to aid the Rockets' championship quest.

"I think I can help them make that hump," Lawson said. "Just playing for an organization, a team that's playing for something. Last year, it was almost there (for Houston). So I'm just motivated. Every level of basketball, I've won a championship or contended for one, so I'm just excited to be back in a situation like that."

His teammates agree on the potential impact that can be made with the point guard's acquisition.

"Now that we've got the addition of Ty, who brings us playmaking, who brings us quickness, who brings us that speed that we haven't had yet - all those things that come together," James Harden said. "If we stay healthy, I'm pretty confident that we have a legitimate shot to win it all."

"We're going to play the same way," Rockets head coach Kevin McHale said. "I think we'll just play it better. I think Ty fits in to how we play. That's the nice thing about Ty. When I first met with him, I said, 'Ty, here's the great thing about you coming here. You've just got to do what you do well.'"