Post Oak Little League wins first game of LLWS

The Post Oak Little League has won their first game of the Little League World Series 3-1 over the New England team.

On August 8, Post Oak Little League won the regional tournament in Waco, Texas, securing their spot as one of sixteen teams playing in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The team represents seven different school districts across the Houston area.

Post Oak Little League will now face off against the Mid-Atlantic team from New York on August 19. The Little League World Series final game is scheduled for August 26.

Sitting around the TV’s at Beavers off Westheimer, fans of players on the Post Oak Little League cheered them on all the way from back home as they took on a team from Rhode Island in the Little League World Series.

“I play Post Oak and I know a lot of people on the team and so I just thought it would be fun to come out," says George Willis. His father Kent Willis says, “there’s a very select group and it’s great. They have really good chemistry. They are all playing together and everybody is extremely proud of them.”

“I want to support them and be kind to them and I want them to have a great year at Post Oak,” says Lauren Walsh.

Charlie Barrett enjoyed seeing his friend and catcher Andy Guy. “It’s very nice to see him on TV and I always knew he was a very good baseball player,” says Barrett.

While some wore their own uniforms, others wore more vintage gear. Showing off his hat, Mitch Cox says, “this is a 1977 vintage Post Oak Little League All-Star coaches hat worn by a man named John Fontalroy, my dearly departed father-in-law who loved Post Oak Little League with every ounce of his heart and soul."