Justise Winslow on a mission to inspire

Only 15 months ago, Justise Winslow was a student at Saint John's High School. Now, he's preparing for his first NBA season.

Winslow was the 10th overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft by the Miami Heat after winning the national championship as a freshman at Duke. It's been a whirlwind 15 months ever since he graduated from high school in Houston.

"Just going from McDonald's All-American game, the Jordan Brand Classic, graduating high school, then summer school, winning a national championship, declaring for the draft, all in 15 months, it's crazy to think about, but it's my life now," Winslow said.

Winslow was in town to visit a couple of high schools, including the one he attended at Saint John's. He spoke about pursuing dreams, never giving up, and doing whatever it takes to accomplish those dreams.

"I just wanted to inspire them, as individuals, to follow their dreams and really to go after it, no matter what anyone says, just so one day they can live out their dream like I am," Winslow said.

Winslow's perspective is unique for someone of his 19 years of age. His speech to the kids was uplifting and far better executed than most his age.

"I was so proud of Justise, watching him stand up there in front of his school and some of the students here at St. John's," said Winslow's mother, Robin Davis. "I'm really proud of him. A couple of times, when he referred to me, I wanted to cry. I'm just so proud of him (for) the person that he's become."

"It's sort of surreal because 15 months ago, I was walking these hallways," Winslow said. "I felt it was important to come back, give back, let them hear my story, and hopefully, that inspires them to follow their dreams and reach their dreams."