Houston Texans least popular NFL team, according to recent study

The Houston Texans are the least popular team in the NFL, according to a recent study.

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With TikTok becoming the most downloaded app in the world last year (2022), NFL franchises have rightfully seized the opportunity to establish themselves on the platform and increase their online following through their video content, albeit some more than others.

With this in mind, Gambling.com decided to analyze the TikTok accounts of every team in the NFL in order to reveal which teams are leading the league when it comes to factors such as Likes, Followers, Videos, Average Likes per Video and even Earnings per Video, and which teams are falling behind.

The Houston Texans rank last in the NFL when it comes to Followers, making them the least popular team in the league - here are the 5 least popular teams on the social media platform:

#32 Houston Texans

Followers: 276,000

Likes: 2,100,000

Videos: 106

Likes per video: 19,811

Earnings per video: $271

#31 Las Vegas Raiders

Followers: 383,300

Likes: 3,200,000

Videos: 51

Likes per video: 62,745

Earnings per video: $210

#30 Jacksonville Jaguars

Followers: 427,500

Likes: 4,200,000

Videos: 161

Likes per video: 26,087

Earnings per video: $350

#29 Arizona Cardinals

Followers: 731,00

Likes: 9,500,00

Videos: 264

Likes per video: 35,985

Earnings per video: $775

#28 Washington Commanders

Followers: 758,900

Likes: 16,400,00

Videos: 322

Likes per video: 50,932

Earnings per video: $704

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The research revealed that currently, the undisputed Kings of TikTok in the NFL are the Kansas City Chiefs - with over 2.5 million followers, over 43 million likes, and the highest estimated earnings per video in the league at over $2,400 per video, it’s hard to argue against it.

However, the Detroit Lions have the best engagement rate in the league from their fans, with the Lions having the highest average likes per video in the league at 244,218 likes per video, and the Philadelphia Eagles have put the most work in so far with 590 videos posted to this day.