Brittany Griner and Glory Johnson appear in family court

After a rocky romance and a three-week marriage WNBA stars Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson are going head to head in divorce court.

In a span of two months, both women have been arrested for domestic violence, got married, got pregnant with twins, and now are trying to get divorced.

Johnson requested alimony of nearly $20,000 a month.

Griner filed for divorce after being married just 28 days, Monday was the first hearing in the couple's case and it was contentious.

Johnson is currently pregnant with twins, she became pregnant through in vetro fertilization during the short time the two were married. Although Griner has indicated she didn't necessarily want to become the parent of twins.

Now Johnson is asking for the money as temporary spousal support, she also wants Griner to pay $10,000 in attorney fees. Attorneys pointed out that between her Nike endorsement, the WNBA, and the money she earns from playing basketball in China and Russia, Griner is poised to earn more than $1 million this year.

Johnson has been posting updates about her pregnancy on Twitter and says she is unable to play basketball and earn income because she is pregnant and her doctor states she is high risk. The babies are due February 1.

The judge has 60 days to decide on whether Johnson is entitled to any spousal support during the divorce proceedings.

Meanwhile, both have agreed that Johnson would have to move out of the home the two shared in Phoenix.