Zachary Barth throws out first pitch at Astros game

Crowds stood as the national anthem was sung at the Astros versus Yankees game Saturday night. They stood tall too as congressional aide Zachary Barth threw out the first pitch.

On June 14th Barth was one of four people that had been injured after a shooting took place at the republican baseball practice for the congressional game in D.C.

"At that point I made myself the smallest target possible, I laid down on the ground, then I saw the shooter turn his long gun towards me and probably about ten shots around me, everything started to pop and I got struck in the leg in my lower left calf. At that point I decided I didn't want that guy to just take target practice on me so I ran down the first base line and dove into the dugout", says Barth.

When the Astros called to ask what number he wanted on his jersey he said 14. A number that represents a day that changed his life forever, he calls it the luckiest day of his life for surviving.

"There's a couple guys, Matt Mike and Steve Scalise who could still use your prayers and thoughts but I really appreciate it, I'm proud to call myself a Houstonian and proud to have the community around me to lift me up, couldn't have done it a without y'all", says Barth.