Young Chloe given more reasons to cheer

Eight-year-old Chloe has now been placed in the spotlight after being told, "Enough!" during a Houston Astros game on Sunday. Since then, Astros players have been sharing some encouragement and even an offer so good that Chloe couldn't hide her joy.

“I’m a huge fan," said Chloe. "A really big fan.”

It was nearly a week ago when Chloe was scolded by someone sitting in front of her at Minute Maid Park. Video shows the 8-year-old girl immediately losing any sort of cheer that a game should bring.

"It made me feel like I did something wrong," said Chloe.

“It was her cheering," said Monica Beaver, Chloe's mother. "She was cheering, 'eh-batter-batter.'"

Social media users reacting to the twenty-second clip are now fans of Chloe in her corner, cheering.

Chloe's parents told FOX 26 News that she suffers from Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD), which means she has a hard time comprehending emotions.

"They watch her and they’re just like, ‘Oh that’s a spoiled little brat right there,'" said Monica. "They don’t know."

However, Chloe’s parents explained that the positive attention by this viral moment has been overwhelming and has drowned out the negativity.

"If you’ve got a problem with somebody’s child, don’t talk to that child," said Monica. "You talk to the parent. You don’t know what that family is going through. You don’t know what that child is going through.”

Now, multiple sports teams want Chloe as their fan from Texas Tech University to University of Texas to the Dallas Stars NHL team.

But first, thanks to Lance McCullers Junior’s invite, Chloe has some postseason baseball to look forward to watching live.