World's smallest Buc-ee's reopens in West Texas

We all know everything is bigger in Texas, but something quite small is the talk of one West Texas town.

The town of Sanderson, about two hours east of Marfa, announced that a smaller than usual version of the popular gas station Buc-ee's has reopened along Highway 90.

"Somebody is backkkk…. Welcome back Sanderson Buc-ee’s, it’s good to have you home," said Sanderson's tourism account on Instagram.

The small site isn't an actual Buc-ee's, there are no beaver nuggets or gas to be had at the location. It is an art installation, similar to the Prada store in Marfa that was built in 2005.

The small Buc-ee's first appeared on Highway 90 in April 2022, leading to several posts on social media before it was eventually taken down.


Bye Bye Buc-ee's: Tiny Buc-ee's in West Texas is gone

"If you look close enough, you can still see the traces of epoxy left over after the iconic Buc-ee's signage was removed," Visit Marathon Texas pointed out.

Buc-ee's has not publicly commented on the return of the fake gas station.