Woman claims off-duty deputy constable broke her arm during night out

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Even when her two year old daughter is fussy, Kristian Elguezebal can't pick up and comfort her. That's thanks to a broken arm she got while out with someone she though was a friend.

“We had been out before so that's why I went out with him. I didn't feel like something was going to happen to me. We went to a bar before and went out to eat. This time it was a whole nightmare.”

"He" is Pct. 1 Deputy Constable Joseph Carrier. She says last Thursday night they went out bar hopping and he was drinking heavily.  She says at first it was fun, then he started  being aggressive. When they returned to his apartment complex, things took a violent turn. Another female was there and he argued with her. Then he turned on Kristian, when she pulled out her phone to call for a ride home.

“Just after that I remember him pushing me. He pushed me really, really hard. I fell and I guess I tried to stop myself with my hand and it just kind of folded,” Kristian said.

She says he left her and didn't call for help. Eventually someone gave her a ride to this hospital in Spring. That's where they determined her arm was broken. So she filed a complaint with Pct. 4 deputies. The retail employee says she has not been able to work since the attack.

Pct.1 says it is conducting an internal affairs investigation.  Kristian says she wants it to end with his being fired.

“I feel with him being a cop. They should be helping us with uniform or without uniform.”