Why more parents are turning to Botox

Many call it the ‘Zoom effect,’ where people are spending more time staring at themselves on camera. So they are looking to look younger and turning to Botox, and the trend is becoming popular, not just among the younger generation, but parents too.

For Tara Underwood, getting Botox is a break.

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"Juggling three kids, and all are in 2-3 sports each, so my husband and I are both constantly at practices, constantly at athletic events. On top of schoolwork, mom duties, life gets a little crazy and hectic sometimes," said Underwood. "With all the children, they can sometimes bring stress and as you get older, the stress starts to show a little bit more on your face, and sometimes you want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated and alive and sometimes Botox can do that for you."

We were able to get play by play as Tara was getting her treatment at the Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine & Skin Spa in Houston.

"We are using Botox, which is a neuro-modulator to help Tara's muscles in her face relax. As we age, when we move our muscles with expression, like moving our eyebrows up and smiling, it begins to crease the skin. If we inject Botox into those muscles, it begins to soften that forceful contraction and the skin no longer creases with movement," explained Erin Hader, who is a registered nurse at the spa.

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Tara isn’t the only one coming to get the anti-aging treatment, her husband gets the treatment as well.

"He will do it, so he can feel better. Aging is not fun, so it is what it is," said Underwood. "All the stress of children and activities, sometimes Botox can make you feel alive."

The average cost for a unit is $10-$15. Botox has many medicinal uses as well, like treating migraines. 

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