What's Your Point? June 25, 2017 Sanctuary cities lawsuit

Greg Groogan leads panelists: Bob Price- Associate Editor Breitbart Texas; Nyanza Moore - Houston attorney and progressive commentator; Marcus Davis -  Radio host Sunday Morning Live (Majic102.1); Wayne Dolcefino, Media consultant; Jessica Colon-Republican strategist; Adrian Garcia - former Harris County Sheriff; in a lively discussion of political topics. 

HOUSTON (AP) - Houston city leaders have voted to join a lawsuit trying to halt a Texas law that would crack down on "sanctuary cities."

The City Council voted 10-6, with one abstention, Wednesday to join the lawsuit, filed in San Antonio federal court.

Houston joins Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, El Paso County and several organizations challenging the law.

The law, which takes effect in September, would let police ask people about their immigration status during routine stops.

It also threatens elected officials with removal from office if they don't cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Mayor Sylvester Turner said Houston is not going to act like Immigration and Customs Enforcement and "if there is any bill that says I could be removed because I make that pronouncement, I'm concerned with that."