What's Your Point? July 9, 2017 Mayor Turner and city finances

This week's panelists: Lance Roberts- "real Investment Hour" host, Nyanza Moore - Houston attorney and progressive commentator, Tony Diaz - Chicano educator and activist, Marcus Davis - Radio host of Sunday Morning Live (Majic 102.1), Bill King - columnist and businessman. and  Kathleen McKinley - conservative blogger, join Greg Groogan for a lively discussion about Houston city finances, Mayor Turner walking back plans to lift the revenu cap and recycling bid.


Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has decided now is not the time to ask voters to raise their taxes. He's walking back plans to place lifting of the so-called revenue cap on the November ballot.  Many see it as a reality check by the Turner administration.

The mayor is also under fire from a cutting edge waste vendor whose accused turner of bid rigging.


So here's the issue, the head of waste disposal company  Eco-Hub says his firm would have saved taxpayers up to 40 million dollars a year, but the mayor changed the requirements of the contract making it impossible for his company to compete for a long-term deal.