What's Your Point? Did Houston Housing Authority squander cash?

What's Your Point? May 19, 2017  Part 3

Panelists Steve Toth, former State representative, Tomaro Bell, neighborhood leader, Juliet Stipeche, City of Houston Education Director, Marcus Davis, radio host of Sunday morning live on Majic 102.1, Doug Miller, Houston Chronicle editorial board, Jessica Colon, Republican strategist, join Greg Groogan to discuss the issues of the day.

Houston desperately needs more police and firefighters to keep us safe.

That legitimate claim is at the core of Mayor Sylvester Turner's request for a removal of the voter imposed revenue cap which limits spending,  but this week there was new evidence that the city has real trouble responsibly spending the money it has.

 A Houston Chronicle investigation has exposed chronic mismanagement at the Houston Housing Authority.  The report found that $130 million tax dollars collected over the past decade has yielded just 463 homes. Disturbingly, much of the money was siphoned off for federal fines and administration costs , or just flat misplaced. 


 Meantime, 43 thousand low income families seeking assistance remain on the city's waiting list.