What to expect at Bush Intercontinental Airport post COVID-19

Now that the stay at home order has been lifted, and many are starting to head back to work, people are slowing starting to travel again, but what can you expect when traveling through the Houston area?

Before the pandemic Bush Intercontinental airport was coming off a record-breaking year of people coming through, now on a, there’s barely anyone here.

Leo Rodriguez, who was on his way to Canada says “It’s definitely weird to see the airport this empty, and the whole environment is all different.“

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There are no ticket lines, getting through security is a breeze, and it will be pretty easy to spot your luggage at baggage pick up. Those are some perks if you’re traveling through our area airports.

“In the month of March we saw at least a 50% reduction in passenger traffic, now that’s a big number, and we actually expect that number to be a little bit more drastic for April,” says Augusto Bernal The Public Information Officer for Houston Airports.

He adds that cleaning efforts have tripled at the airports, signs are everywhere reminding passengers to wear mask and stay 6 feet apart. Also, expect some restaurants and store to be closed.


Leaving the airport is easy, but if traveling from New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut you will be screened by the Department of Public Safety. The order is still in effect for a mandatory 14-day quarantine, and if you violate it, you will be subject to a $1,000 fine or jail time.

Travelers we spoke with saying they looked into the policies for their destinations. “Yeah I did my research, and it seems that it’s pretty straightforward. The only biggest requirement is the face mask, so I don’t anticipate a lot of trouble out there.“ says Rodriguez.

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The officials at Houston Airports say they don’t know when exactly things, if they ever will, go back to normal, but once they are able to offer more flights they will be ready to accommodate travelers.