What to do if your car or home was damaged in the water main break

If your car or home suffered water damage from the water main break, the Texas Department of Insurance tells FOX 26 what you need to know.

If your car is damaged, flooding is only covered under comprehensive insurance, which is optional coverage. You aren't required to buy it, so check your policy to see if you're covered.

If your home is damaged, the Department of Insurance says it should be covered if you bought flood insurance. Standard homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage, though policies differ from company to company, so check with yours.

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Texas law may protect municipalities from liability in the case of damage to your home from a broken water main.

FOX 26 called city officials who tell us the Houston Legal Department will have to determine whether the city, the contractor, or the homeowners will be responsible for any repairs.

Here are the first steps to take: 

- Tell your insurance company about your damage as soon as possible.

- Don't throw away damaged items until your adjuster sees them.

- Take pictures and document the damage. 

- Make temporary repairs to protect your family, home and belongings, and keep receipts.