Was That Fake? - skin cancer causes 'loss of phallus'

Was That Fake?

Did a disease cause a man to lose his penis? Articles being widely shared say an 82-year old man lost his member because he didn't realize he had cancer. The story is unfortunately true. A medical case report says the man complained of having an ulcer on his penis for a year and that it had started shedding skin. A report claims a "complete loss of phallus" for that man two weeks later. 

Was That Fake?

Did a Little League baseball player list a porn star as his favorite actor? A screenshot of what appears to be an ESPN broadcast has been distributed. That actor even retweeted the post and said hello to the boy. The image was just a really well-matched font that someone altered. What actually aired on ESPN was that the boy's favorite subject is science.

Was That Fake?

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police are investigating after a video shows a man spanking a hippopotamus at the Los Angeles Zoo.

The video shows the man crossing a railing last week and sneaking up on two hippos, Rosie and Mara. He smacks Rosie on the rear and her mother lifts her head as the man runs off and raises his arms in gesture of victory.

Zoo spokeswoman April Spurlock tells the Los Angeles Times that any unauthorized interaction with an animal is unsafe for the animal and potentially unsafe for the person.

Spurlock says state law prohibits entering zoo enclosures. The zoo has posted a "No Trespassing" sign on the exhibit for the first time.

Police told the newspaper they're investigating the case as trespassing because the hippo didn't appear to be injured.


Information from: Los Angeles Times, http://www.latimes.com/