Viral chiropractor shows how to TikTok dance your way to pain relief

A Sugar Land chiropractor has risen to internet fame after turning pain relief tips into TikTok dances, and his new-found TikTok following is bringing more business to his clinic.

Doctor of chiropractic Jordan Estrada is the rapping, singing, dancing TikTok Chiropractor from Texas -- each 15-second video providing real pain relief tips.

“[They provide] some kind of stretch, some kind of physical therapy exercise,” said Estrada.


Estrada writes rap lyrics to the instrumentals of famous hip hop songs. Instead of Megan Thee Stallion’s lyrics, Estrada raps while demonstrating a stretch: “This leg you took it. Lay on top if your low back’s hurting. Your pain will stop stop stop. Now your back’s not hurting. Hold a minute—not a lot—‘til your back’s not hurting.”

With just under a million TikTok followers, Estrada says he got the idea for it all when he was quarantined for two weeks at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in March. He decided to film a short video in the empty room of his clinic at Airrosti in Sugar Land.

“That night I decided, hey, why don’t I combine my passion with music and then my passion as well with teaching people how to take care of their body, put all together, and I chose Savage by Megan Thee Stallion, and that became my first viral video which hit 17 million views,” said Estrada.

In addition to fame, the @nopainmoregains TikTok handle has brought more business to his clinic’s national chain.

“We have over 200 providers in our company, so when they call in our 800 number to schedule, and our call center asks, where did you hear about Airrosti, they’ll say, through Dr. Estrada’s TikTok videos,” said Estrada.


He’s even inspired other chiropractors to follow his lead. A click on any of Estrada’s original songs on TikTok will reveal thousands of other users mimicking Estradas moves and dancing to his songs.

Estrada says he’s written and recorded about a hundred original chiropractic songs and dances over the course of the pandemic. He records the audio in his closet, and the clinic makes sure the famous TikTok room is available anytime he comes up with the next idea for a viral dance.