Viewer Takes it to Akin

In the heat of the summer the last thing you want is for your refrigerator to go out. The repairman couldn't fix it, even thought it was under warranty. So our viewer Took it to Akin!

Doris Davis had wanted a big refrigerator all her life. Then two weeks ago, it stopped working.

She bought it last year from Conn's, with a warranty. Conn's sent several service men out but no one could fix it.  She says the last one told her she had to take it to Beaumont herself. That brought her to tears.  

Frustrated for her mother, Davis' daughter Geneva Macky called us. I had contacted Conn's before we arrived for the interview. But it was a total surprise when during the interview Conn's called Davis.

Her daughter picked up the phone. It was a Conn's rep saying she could have a brand new refrigerator.

A Conn's representative said when the company's repair didn't solve the problem; they decided to replace the unit.

They also reimbursed her $300 for lost food.