Veteran spends 10 months battling VA hospital over bill he doesn't owe

“I’m an honorary discharged U.S. Navy veteran,” said Ron Limbock.

Limbock says he’s proud to be a veteran but embarrassed over the way he’s been treated by the VA Hospital.

He went there last December for a routine colonoscopy.

“They told me everything was fine go home,” said Limbock.

Two days later, Limbock says he got very ill. He was so sick he says when he showed up at the VA Clinic in Katy he was transferred by ambulance to Houston Methodist Hospital on the west side.

“I honestly thought I was dying,” Limbrock said.

Limbock praises the medical care he got at Methodist, but says all he’s gotten from the VA Hospital is a 10-month run-around.

Limbock says after being repeatedly assured by the VA all bills would be paid by them, Methodist sent the almost $1,300 outstanding bill to a collection agency.

“They showed me today when I went to their offices their computer screen where they had billed them electronically and it was rejected by the VA,” said Limbock. “I pay my bills and Methodist Hospital saved my life. They deserve to be paid."

We contacted the VA Hospital on Limbock’s behalf.

“The VA has suddenly called now since you were kind enough to intervene,” said Limbock.

Thursday afternoon Limbock says he was contacted by Sonja White with the VA Hospital.

He says she told him yes indeed the VA is responsible for the outstanding bill and will be sending him confirmation on Friday that he doesn’t owe Methodist Hospital a dime.