Vehicles crashing into homes a Parker Road problem

Some north Houston residents say a proposed solution to stop cars from running into their homes is not likely to be effective. 

Residents along homes on Parker Road told FOX 26 News in July that eight vehicles struck several houses within a five-year period.

Houston City Council member Karla Cisneros says the City of Houston is considering closing down one of the lanes and developing it into a cycling lane to help speeding drivers from slamming the vehicles into area homes.

But residents who call Parker Road home say they want stop signs or a traffic signal.

"Changing a lane each way to a dedicated bicycles-only lane would add a buffer between the speeding cars and the houses that are on Parker," says Council member Cisneros. She also adds that if she gets council approval, the bicycle-only lanes could become a reality on Parker Road at the beginning of 2017.