Houston city councilman using technology as a tool to fight crime

Houstonians have been demanding for something to be done about the recent rising crime. So one Houston City Council member is planning to use technology in his district to help combat crime.

The initiative is as simple as, if you set up a surveillance camera, chances are someone committing a crime would choose to stay far away. 


"It’s a deterrent, right. If there’s one thing criminals don’t like is to be watched and to have eyes on them and cameras on them," Houston City Councilman Edward Pollard explains.

So 100 license plate readers will soon be set up in his district. They will take a still photo of every passing vehicle. 

"It won’t be an invasion on your privacy rights because the only still photos that will be documented and sent to HPD are only for cars that have been reported to have been involved in a crime. Sometimes people feel like this may be big brother, but sometimes when times are tough and times are hard, you call on your big brother for help and so that’s what we’re doing." says Councilman Pollard.

The license plate readers will be installed within about a month in Councilman Pollard’s district. 

"District J is Southwest Houston, Gulfton, Sharpstown, Westwood, Braeburn into Alief. If you’re on 59 South, it’s primarily everything between 610 and Beltway 8."

"I think it will be a very great idea," says Veronica, who was attacked and robbed by four men in Southwest Houston five years ago, and it left her terrified to this day. "I’m afraid only to think about it. (You feel afraid even thinking about it now?) Exactly, exactly." 

She believes license plate readers would have helped catch her attackers who were never caught. 

"Crime is around you all the time but the good thing? I have God taking care of me. (You’ve got God taking care of you?) Always. He’s my best bodyguard." Veronica smiles.  

"We want people to know if you’re riding through District J, we will see you. We will catch you, and we are hoping this will reduce the crime," adds Councilman Pollard.

The new license plate readers will read and capture paper license plates as well.    

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More than 100 businesses are also on board in District J to put up street-facing surveillance cameras on their private property to be used to help deter and solve crimes.