Unique pair of Houstonians teaming up to send help overseas to Ukraine

As the war continues in Ukraine, there’s a unique pair spearheading local efforts to get help to the thousands in dire need of essentials like food, water, and shelter.

The fight continues in Ukraine, and so does the will of its people and those around them.

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"I feel in a much worse position than Ukrainians because Ukrainians are at least fighting for their freedom and they know what they are fighting for. We are in a situation where there’s this tremendous feeling of guilt and there’s nothing we can do about it. We can’t help it and it’s very emotional for all of us," said Katya Kuzetsova.

She is from Moscow, Russia and working with Oksana Stevenson from Kyiv, Ukraine.


From their computers in Houston, they created a Facebook page called Support Ukraine Houston. They post ways to help, information, useful links, rallies, and protests.

"It is just sharing a lot of information and keeping people in touch with one another and support each other," said Kuzetsova.

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The community they created is collecting medical supplies in Houston and other donations to ship over to help soldiers and refugees.

"I want all people to see that Russia and Ukrainian can work together. I think we have great success for the last couple of days," said Stevenson.


"It is basically good versus evil. We are trying to put all good people together to fight against evil," said Kuzetsova.

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