Houstonians collecting medical supplies to donate to Ukrainian soldiers

Several Ukranians living in Houston have banded together to collect medical supplies. The donations will be shipped over to help soldiers and refugees in the ongoing war against Russia. 

The women have been working with the non-profit World of Connections. The organization focuses on providing humanitarian aid during crises. 

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There are four different locations across the Houston area where people can drop off supplies or ship items directly from Amazon.

Their goal is to send weekly shipments of medical supplies abroad. The first shipment is expected to go out this weekend. 

"We’re going to separate all the supplies in different boxes and take everything to the airport," said Oksana Stevenson, who is helping coordinate the drop-offs. "From Houston, they will deliver to Poland and from Poland, they guys working with us will take everything to the Ukrainian border."

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Oksana's brother is one of thousands of Ukranian men 18 and older, who have now enlisted in the war. 

"He has two kids and a wife," Oksana said. "And we have a lot of relatives in Ukraine who decided to stay."

The women have been working with the non-profit World of Connections, which focuses on providing humanitarian aid during crises. 

"It’s like a nightmare because I can’t believe something like this can be happening in a civilized world," said Anna Angell. "We feel all the support in the world. A lot of countries support us and it helps a lot to know that we’re not alone."

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Although thousands of miles away from their family in Ukraine, these families hope their grassroots movement in Houston will make an impact in the fight for their freedom. 

The supplies from all four drop off locations will be consolidated into one this weekend to be shipped off abroad. 

If you'd like to help donate, here's the supply list generated according to foundation officials the families are working with.  

Supplies Needed

  • Pharmaceuticals - blood thinners and blood pressure stabilizers
  • Bandages
  • Wound dressings
  • Tourniquets 100,000
  • Hemostatic bandages
  • Crutches
  • Wheelchairs
  • Flexible field stretchers, disposable
  • Disposable medical gloves
  • Individual first aid kits
  • Painkillers in individual bags/packages
  • Occlusive dressings
  • nasopharyngeal airway NPA
  • Lubricant (small packages)
  • Thermal blankets
  • Hydrogel bandages
  • Sterile gauze bandages
  • Trauma scissors
  • Eye shields
  • Decompression needles
  • Medical marker
  • Paper Patches Myringoplasty / Tympanoplasty

Where to ship:

12211 Calaway Cove Ct.
Houston TX, 77041

1270 Crabb River Road, Suite 600-52, 
Richmond TX, 77469

3135 Fall Street
Houston TX, 77054

6622 Pelham Chase Dr.
Spring TX, 77389