Lucille's restaurant donating proceeds to aid with humanitarian needs in Ukraine

A Houston restaurant is doing its part to help with the crisis in Ukraine, as Russian invaders continue their attacks.


Its well-refined Southern cuisine that's a Houston staple, and its contributions to the community, never-ending. Lucille’s latest venture: assisting with the crisis in Ukraine.  

"It comes from the family values, and it’s just translated over to Lucille’s and the non-profit," said Chris Williams, co-owner and chef. "Just always try to be a place of action, since we’re privileged enough to be able to act."

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Williams said the company has already donated $10,000 to Ukraine, the country, and its people, especially for someone near and dear to his heart.

"A girl -- we call her Jane, but her real name is Yvegenia; she’s from Ukraine," Williams said. "She had just come to the country maybe two years before, and she worked with us for 3.5 years. She like everybody else that works here became family after working that long, so much to the point that she was married in the restaurant, and she asked me to give her away at the wedding."

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From 2015 to 2019, Williams served as a cultural culinary ambassador for the US and spent time training in Kyiv, the capital city.  

"I did work with the US State Department as a cultural culinary ambassador for the country. Ukraine and a bunch of other former Soviet countries like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. I’d go out there, and we’d have food talks. I’d work with chefs on the ground to curate these amazing dinners for the ambassadors and the local politicians, and then we’d also have classes for the local residents as well," Williams said. 

Although Lucille’s has already made a hefty donation, their work doesn’t end there. 

"We’ll set a weekly goal of profits that we’ll donate every week. I mean, there’s no end in sight. Even if the war ends tomorrow or right now, which that would be great, the rebuilding process is going to be years," Williams said. 


Williams said Lucille’s will be donating to CARE and the Ukrainian Bank, two organizations aiding with humanitarian needs.