Underage human trafficking victim sues Facebook

Facebook is facing another lawsuit from an underage sex trafficking victim in Harris County. It's the third lawsuit filed in Harris County against the social media giant.

The victim's attorney says her client was just 13 years old and was recruited by a pimp on Facebook and trafficked as a result of the site's open platform. The lawsuit says the pimp first reached out to the minor via Facebook, groomed her for over a year, earned her trust, and then swooped in when the child was vulnerable. 

The lawsuit targets Facebook's open platform, allowing predators to have open access to children.

"This lawsuit is going to show how Facebook knowingly participates in a venture that trafficks children," says attorney and human trafficking expert Annie McAdams. "They know that human trafficking is a problem. They fail to control it on their platform and they fail to warn about it."

Although the blame often falls on parents for their failures to effectively monitor their children's online activities, predators often disguise themselves as other young social media users.

"I'm not here to say that parents don't have responsibility...but the law specifically allocates liability to businesses that knowingly facilitate this behavior," said McAdams. "The evidence in these cases are going to show that the parents have done all they can...they think they know who their children are talking to." 

McAdams says there aren't enough measures in place to prevent this.

"Let's start there. Does Facebook take any steps in identifying who is using their platform? And the answer is no." 

McAdams hopes that the jury makes a decision that will not only result in monetary judgment, but allow for systemic changes to be made to better protect children.