Ukrainians in Houston rally and call for a No-Fly Zone in Ukraine

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to claim lives, the Ukrainian community held a rally downtown Sunday evening. They’re continuing to speak out, and they’re calling for a No-Fly Zone to be issued in Ukraine.

For nearly two weeks Ukrainians living in Houston have been living on edge as their families remain trapped in a war-torn country with the death toll rising by the day. 

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"When people ask me is your family okay, I say they’re alive they’re not safe, there’s no such thing as being safe in Ukraine; anywhere in Ukraine is in danger right now," said one Ukrainian woman who chose not to share her name. 

The U.S. Department of Defense says since the invasion started Russia has fired at least 600 missiles and 95% of its combat power has been dedicated to taking over Ukraine. 

However, they’ve been met with a strong resistance, Ukraine still holding their ground. The official death toll in Ukraine is still unknown, but right now reports show more than at least 350 Ukrainian civilians have been killed, including children, and more than 700 others have been injured in this war. 

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Our local Ukrainian community says they continue to protest because doing nothing and watching from afar as their country fights for its freedom, just isn’t enough.

"It means something. This is the freedom because right now in Russia people don’t even have such an option to go outside and say something," one protestor said. 

On Monday, Ukraine and Russia are set to have a third round of talks aimed at negotiating a cease fire and safe passage for people fleeing the country.