UFC, musical artists, and tourists are planning trips to Texas as COVID-19 restrictions end

After Governor Greg Abbott announced plans to reopen Texas, the state gained national attention.

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Following the Governor’s announcement, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White expressed his desire to host a fight in Texas.

"I want to go to Texas ASAP," said White. "I’ll go in the next 2 or 3 weeks."

According to White, he hopes to have a fight scheduled in Houston soon.

"We’ll be first," said White. "We’ll open this thing up. We’ll sell it out."

Musical artists have also publicized plans of going to Texas. Rap artist, 50 Cent, posted to Instagram his desire to perform in the soon-to-be-open state.

All businesses in Texas will be allowed to open completely starting Wednesday. In addition, the statewide mask mandate will come to an end.

At Concrete Cowboy, a bar off Washington Avenue, they’re hosting "Mask Off Wednesday" when the COVID-19 restrictions end.

"We’re looking forward to giving our customers and staff the option to wear the mask," said Kaley Adams from 77 Degrees, a bar in Midtown.  "Everyone is fully trained on hygiene and sanitation.  We’re still going to keep those measures really high."

According to Brian Hoyt from TripAdvisor.com, they’re noticing more people looking at future travel plans in Texas.

"In Texas specifically since March 1st, we have actually seen hotel clicks increase a pretty staggering 85 percent week over week," said Hoyt.  "We’re certainly seeing where restrictions are being lifted, there’s an increase in activity, largely related to the rollout of vaccines."

Reaction mixed following Gov. Greg Abbott’s announcement to reopen Texas

On Tuesday afternoon, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that it was time to ‘reopen Texas’ to 100% starting next Wednesday. Reaction to Abbott’s announcement has been mixed. 

In an interview on Thursday, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said she worries the state’s decision to reopen came at a bad time.  The state will open 100% right before spring break.

"I’m very concerned," said Judge Hidalgo. "I’m very alarmed of what will come with this.  I hope the community will do their part. Even though we are getting an all-clear from the state, that is not what the numbers [translate to]. That is not what the scientific and medical consensus is."