Two local pastors coming together to create change, inspire thousands

Two local pastors are coming together to create change and inspire thousands in our community.

Pastor Blake Wilson preaches to thousands at the church he founded called Crossover Bible Fellowship in northwest Houston. Less than a mile down Highway 249, his friend, Senior Pastor Steve Bezner preaches to his congregation at Houston Northwest Church. Separate congregations, different race, yet one mission.

“Steve and I individual relationship turned into a communal friendship meaning our individual friendship made our churches gather together to do things together,” said Wilson. 

Their friendship leads by example. 

“If I have a question I want to ask him, he has a question, he wants to ask me, we run to that. We do not run away from it. We dive into a deeper level,” said Wilson. “I think people when they begin to talk, they will find commonalities and concerns in life, and as a result, there will be some progress made.”

In light of the recent events, the two came together with an idea that they believe might be their most impactful one yet.


“I think that everyone sees the issue at hand in our nation is not going to be solved with political means, and it isn't going to be solved simply through activism. At some point, there needs to be heart change in people,” said Bezner.

They created a Facebook group called Houston Area Pastors- United We Stand.

The idea is to get pastors together from all over the city to talk about the topic often ignored- race relations.

“In the month of October, dozens of churches across the city are going to be preaching on the same topic,” said Bezner. “We are going to be talking about the idea of how God wants racial unity among all people because God created all people.”

Wilson says it's our duty for this generation.

“I think it is our time and take the ball and push it forward in terms of racial unity and gathering together versus trying to say that we respect each other,” said Wilson.

More than 200 pastors have already signed up to preach on the topic next month.

If you would like to be a part of the conversation, you can always become a part of the Facebook group to learn more information.