Two dog attacks reported in North Harris Co., one leaves man in critical condition

Harris County Precinct 4 Deputies responded to two dog attacks in North Harris County Thursday. The first, involving an elderly man who viciously attacked around 6 a.m. Thursday morning. Witnesses say he was hanging onto life before being airlifted away.

"This guy had been mauled so bad, the dogs had ripped him up," said Elmer Levigne, a former Harris County sheriff deputy.

Levigne was awakened by a bang on his front door. Shocked by the scene that played out in his front yard, all of it captured on his surveillance video.

Darrel Berryman, another neighbor, was the first one there and was able to scare the dogs away and off of the elderly man. 

"I thought when I went to the window, I heard something like, ‘help me,’ and that’s when I ran out," said Berryman. "When I ran out, that’s when I saw the two dogs, and when I seen him."

In the surveillance video, you can see the man, who we are told lives in the neighborhood, walking down the sidewalk, when two dogs approach him aggressively.


They’re able to take him down by biting his arms and legs, he tries to fight them off with a box cutter, but it does not work. Once on the ground, the dogs attacked the man’s head, biting it multiple times. 

"It is something I can never get over, I’ve never seen anyone done like that," said Berryman. 

Darrel tells FOX 26 the two dogs have been causing havoc in the Greenwood Forest neighborhood for the past two years. In January, they attacked and killed his dog, Prince.

An issue he says, he and his wife have reported four times to both the sheriff’s office and animal control.

"I asked them why nobody ever does anything, and they said I guess lack of communication between them and the sheriff’s," said Berryman. 


The dogs where eventually taken away by animal control.

The second dog attack took place around 5 p.m. off of the 22300 block of Tree House Lane.

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