Tropical winds bring surfers to Galveston Island

"Came for a good time. Came to swim, came to boogie board. Just have fun," said Shawn Hines. "I live in north Texas, decided to come down with my mom to have a good vacation."

It takes something in the tropics for Galveston to have waves fit for a surfer.

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"The surf today is incredible. I went out this morning for a little bit," said Gary Scott. "We got to get it when we can in Texas. It's flat in the summer. The high pressure and all that stuff, you get a disturbance out here and it's beautiful."

We caught up with Shawn after he got out of the dangerous choppy gulf.

"Terrible," he said when we asked him how it was. "But it was fun. I caught two waves the entire time. And then I got drug out about three times. The under current will pull you under real quick, so you have to be careful," said Shawn.

It was a memorable day for Shawn, who says he has no regrets.