Tropical rain expected to bring some relief for recent drought along Texas coast

Much of southeast Texas remains under a flood watch as a tropical low pushes heavy rain to the coast.

"We’re looking at four to six inches for the entire event through Saturday," said Scott Tafuri, Emergency Management Coordinator for Galveston County. "Along the coast, you could see up to 10 inches total."

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On Thursday, people in Galveston saw occasional rain and gusty wind.

"At least, it ain’t a real hurricane," said Misty Green. "It’s beautiful out here. I’ve just been sitting here on the rocks, taking in the view. It feels wonderful out here."

It has been a hot, dry year across Southeast Texas. Much of the state is experiencing drought conditions.


Beachgoers in Galveston Thursday said they’re enjoying the break from the relentless Texas heat.

"We love this weather," said Debbi Otts. "We stayed here another day, so we could be here for this weather."

Officials in Galveston aren’t anticipating any major issues associated with the tropical rainfall.  For the most part, the rain should help with drought conditions.

"This is great news for us," said Tafuri. "Most of the state really needs a lot of rain. So, we’re glad with what we’re getting right now."