Treatment is stimulating hair loss after COVID-19

Hair loss can happen for a number of reasons, but COVID-19 has recently been to blame for a lot of cases.

Renew Body Contouring and Med Spa in Houston is busy helping patients regrow a full of head of hair with a unique treatment.

We caught up with their client, John Brede, who is on a mission to grow thick hair again, so he’s undergoing a procedure in hopes of speeding up the process, after his COVID-19 diagnosis.

"I did have it and my hair did thin after COVID," states John.

Many people can relate to what John’s going through, because more people have been suffering from hair loss lately, after a side effect of COVID-19.

Doctors say it causes an auto-immune reaction. Temporary hair loss can happen anytime you run a fever, suffer from illness, or severe stress. It can come back on its own after COVID-19.

"I'd say about 1/5 of them are actually having the year regrow, and the others need alternative therapies to actually stimulate the hair growth and whether it's traditional medications or the introduction of exosomes and stem cells," states Adele Piliszek, who represents Renew Body Contouring and Med Spa.

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Now a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, some of Houston’s first Coronavirus patients still have side effects.

Others need a little help, like John. He already underwent two hair transplants and you can only do that three times, so he was running out of options.

"It was frustrating! It was difficult to look in the mirror and see it thinning more and more every day. Prior to COVID, it wasn't thin and considerably after COVID," says John.

He decided to seek help at Renew Body Contouring and Med Spa, using exosomes and PRP therapy, which stands for platelet-rich plasma and comes from his stem cells. He first donates his own blood. Then it’s spun down in a machine at the same office. Finally, the growth factors and platelets from his blood are injected into his scalp. He combined PRP with exosomes. These are donated stem cells, purified in a lab.

Doctors say they contain more than 2,500 growth factors that promote healing, regenerate normal tissue, and thicken hair.

"Exosomes are the new dawning in the regenerative phase. A lot of scientists have known about them for over 50 years and initially discounted them, but now they're realizing that they have strong regenerative capacity, so they actually work as cell communicators and can stimulate processes in your existing cells, whether that be wound healing, joint regeneration of cartilage and bone, and also hair," explains Adele.

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A treatment being used to help patients who suffer from a lung disease called pulmonary fibrosis is now being used to help people with COVID-19 recover more quickly. A doctor says the results are very promising.

She also says it doesn’t just stimulate hair after a loss from COVID, but can also help male pattern baldness.

"I’ve seen this clinically and you don’t want to wait! You want to jump on hair loss, within the first five years of hair loss," encourages Adele.

John is seeing results only one month after his treatment and says it was well worth it.

"Truthfully, it wasn't very painful at all, it wasn't, it was a little uncomfortable, but it wasn't painful. It’s a great process. I looked into it quite a bit before I had her put the stem cells in - I thought I'd try it and so far, I've been very happy with it," exclaims John.

While he saw growth after a month, it can take up to three months to see full results, which is the natural growth cycle of hair.

Adele says they're helping men and women with all types of hair problems get new growth.

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