Top stories this morning 11/16

The manhunt continues for a passenger who police say, shot a driver in southwest Houston. Last night a passenger inside a vehicle shot the man, pushed him out of the car and left him for dead along the west park tollway at Fondren. Detectives say, the shooter took the victim's vehicle.


Three teenagers described as "very dangerous" are on the run after escaping from the juvenile detention center in downtown Houston.

          16-year-olds Alferis Coby, Jahrell west and another teen escaped after midnight Sunday morning.

          One of the teens, Coby is accused of capital murder. The escape was caught on video, but it hasn't been released.


Reports that public enemy number one from the Paris terror attacks may have been captured.

           26-year-old Salah Abdeslam was being tracked in Brussels.

          So far, seven people have been arrested in Belgium in connection with terror attacks.


President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin held an informal meeting at the G20 summit.

          The president has vowed to step up efforts to eliminate the Islamic state, and prevent more attacks like those in Paris.

          The two leaders agreed on the need for a political transition in Syria.