TikTok Dad with laid back parenting style is getting all the praise

Billy VSCO is a TikTok dad with more than 10 million followers and nearly 500 million likes. People have taken a liking to him for his relaxed style of parenting.

Billy is a father of three, two daughters and one son. The TikTok adventure began when one of his daughters asked him to join her in a dance video.


From there, many people began commenting how they wish they had a father to participate and encourage them the way he does his own kids.

VSCO decided he could provide some of that family content to the TikTok audience to help them feel included.

He also began sharing his laid back parenting style where he strongly believes that everything can be worked through, and a lot of what is made to be a big deal, really isn’t.

Some of his beliefs include allowing his children to make their own decisions when it comes to how to dress, letting them take snacks up to the room, and stay up a little later past curfew.

He also believes that it’s OK to apologize to your kids when you’re in the wrong.


Billy says your kids not only need a parent, but also a friend.

He says he’s grateful that he can be there for millions of people on social media, and has a message from the fathers who are not as present or active in their kids lives.

"Please watch your kids grow as much as you can. If you do not.. it will be your biggest regret," said VSCO.

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