Galveston Co. drug bust: 3 major drug busts involving fentanyl made in less than 1 week

Authorities in Galveston County have had three major drug busts in less than one week, leading to the arrests of seven people.

From the busts, Galveston County’s Organized Crime Task Force seized more than 600 grams of pills laced with fentanyl.

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"Fentanyl is really starting to show up more prevalent," said Major Ray Nolen from Galveston County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO). "We’re not sure where it’s coming from, but it’s showing up more and more frequently, and it’s a huge concern."

On Friday, undercover agents arrested four people from a home in Texas City after discovering meth, heroin, and fentanyl, inside the residence. Another man was arrested in Texas City that same day with large amounts of meth, marijuana, and fentanyl. 

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Then on Monday, authorities arrested two people from another home in La Marque. There, law enforcement seized 634 grams of Adderall pills laced with fentanyl, more than 200 grams of Xanax, cocaine, and marijuana. 2 guns were stolen and one of them was reported as stolen. In addition, authorities say three children were inside the home where undercover agents located the illegal drugs.

"We wonder how much we’re recovering versus how much is getting by us," said Nolen. "Opioid fentanyl overdoses, it’s probably one of the biggest killers ages 18 to 45."

In 2022, there were 1096 overdose deaths in Harris County. Almost half of those deaths are believed to be linked to fentanyl.

"We have more people dying of this than murder," said Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg. "The increase impact of counterfeit drugs in our community is killing our kids."

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On Wednesday, Harris County leaders announced a new task force designed to target fentanyl dealers.

"From today forward, there’s a very clear delimitation in the way we prosecute and investigate dealers and traffickers who are profiting off the deaths of individuals," said Ogg.

Law enforcement across the Houston area now trying to crack down on fentanyl.

"Our goal is to try to remove all controlled substances that are dangerous and deadly," said Nolen. "But, fentanyl is really starting to show up more prevalent."