Third arrest made in the murder of two Baytown teens

A suspect in the murder of a pair of Baytown teenagers is in custody after a SWAT mission near the police station.

Jose Juan Chavez, known as Chop, was taken into custody Tuesday in a SWAT operation at the apartments on the 500 block of Massey Tompkins road.

"We know he was one of the last ones to see our two teenagers before they disappeared," Roger Clifford said. He's the assistant chief of the Baytown Police Department.

"We've heard so many different rumors. That it was a gang-related situation, or there was bad blood between them. I don't know what happened, but I do know that this particular night, people who knew each other and were acquaintances, this escalated into something much worse than I doubt that any of them expected it would."

Eighteen-year-old Alex Chavez, and 17-year-old Jarvis Morgan, were last seen February 18th.

Juan Chavez has been linked to the slaying of the two high school students from Baytown.

Officers say enough evidence is there to file a capital murder charge against Chavez after the two bodies were found in a Chambers County bayou last week.

Two other men have been arrested in the case. Valentin Lazo Jr., 27, Richard Gonzalez, 21.

"We still have one outstanding," Clifford said. "He is a major person in the investigation. His name is Brandon Flores. We know he has fled the area we know he might have fled the country. We're looking at all the options we might have as to where he might be"

Chavez will be transferred from the Baytown jail to the Chambers County jail.