The Missing: Sheila Conner vanished 30+ years ago; her son is speaking out for the first time

David Conner was just a child when his mother vanished from the Houston area. For years he's silently dealt with the pain of not knowing what became of the woman who brought him into this world. For the first time since her disappearance, he's speaking out in hopes that someone can help him find closure. 

"It's a hard life, it's something you cannot explain to anyone," Conner said. 

 The last time David Conner saw his mother 30-year-old Sheila Conner was in 1991, he was just 8 years old, and he still remembers the moments he learned that she was missing.

"I have a memory of being pulled out of the bathtub from the arrival of the police at our house to tell me that my mom had disappeared," Conner recalled. 


Conner says the last time anyone heard from Sheila, she was at the home of a much older man who she'd been having a relationship with. 

"I know that they had an intense relationship, I had met him a few times myself," Conner explained. 

On December 31st, 1991, Conner says his mom called a friend from that man's home, located on Echo Glen Lane in North Houston. He says she told her friend that she and that man had gotten into an argument, that was around 3:30 a.m. Sheila was never heard from again, her car was eventually found stripped on I-45 North near New Haven. 

"I personally believe that she was murdered, but I don't have the proof of the body to know exactly what happened to her," said Conner. 

David says his mother battled addiction, d he believes it was her vulnerable state that made her an easy target to be taken advantage of. 

"She's somebody who was subjected to violence from a very young age, and that put her into a lifestyle and position to where she was under a threat from someone that was violent," Conner said. 


Conner now works at a historical museum in Massachusetts where he documents the history and stories of the community. He says he felt it was time to speak out and make sure his mother's story isn't left out of those history books. 

"I want her life to be remembered as a woman who deserved dignity, I think she deserves dignity, I think her story should be told," said Conner. 

His hope now, is that someone out there knows what happened to his mother and that they'll come forward and help him close a chapter that's been open for far too long. 

Anyone who may have details about Sheila Conner's disappearance is urged to contact the Harris County Sheriff's Office at (713) 221-6000  or Crime Stoppers at (713) 521-4600.

You can follow this link for a look at an official record of Long term Missing persons throughout the state of Texas.