The Bitter Earth Project: Virtual stage made by Houstonian for dancers around the world

Rhys Hudson, a Houstonian and professional ballet dancer, created a virtual stage for dancers from around the world.

"As dancers, we don't know the next time we'll be on stage," he told FOX 26.

He calls it "This Bitter Earth Project." The idea came to him less than to months ago.

"You know the arts are really suffering right now. What can I do to help?" Hudson recalled asking himself.

He reached out to 20 dancers in 10 different countries including Brazil, Japan, and France. He choreographed the piece and the dancers filmed themselves and sent the videos back.

Now, Hudson had to learn a new skill.

"I had never done [video] editing before in my life," he said smiling.

He says the project lifted the spirits of the dancers. He hopes to spread that hope to other artists.

"It's hard not being able to pursue your passion and to go into the studio and hear the live music and have that rush of moving and performing for the audience," Hudson added.

He was encouraged to submit his project to the Seattle Design Festival. It was accepted and, on Saturday, it will premiere for the rest of the world.

Hudson is dedicating the project to the Artist Relief Fund which supports artists going through financial hardships because of the pandemic.

"I just want to give hope to the arts community and show that we're going to come back stronger," he concluded.

The video will be released Saturday on YouTube and Facebook.