Texas veteran puts up a fight against carjacker

A robber approached a 69-year-old North Texas veteran, Allan Huddleston at a Shell Gas station along Airport Freeway in Richland Hills, asking for money and cigarettes. Instead, the robber actually wanted Huddleston's truck.

Huddleston said, "He's in my truck trying to drive off. So, I reach in there, and i grab him around his neck in a head hold, I guess you'd call it, and I drag him out of the truck."

Together, they fell to the ground fighting. The carjacker then broke away, but he didn't have the keys.

Huddleston said, "So he comes back out of the truck fighting me for the keys."

In the surveillance video, the truck thief does not give up. More importantly, neither will Huddleston. He hops back up with more fight in him. Police say the robber is able to steal Huddleston's wallet and keys, and he put the key in the ignition.

Huddleston added, "and took off with me hanging in the door." The Navy veteran, who served in Vietnam, is dragged yards, breaking a bone in his leg. Police say it's fortunate the suspect was not armed. A North Texas officer said, "He put up a fight, and I would expect nothing less from our veterans out there."

Huddleston said: "I'm lucky. That's what the doctor said." But Huddleston hopes this carjacker is not so lucky.

Huddleston had a few choice words to tell the robber, with a stern warning. "By golly, partner, there's no doubt in mind you've done this before, and I guarantee it'll catch up with you, if you haven't been caught yet. But you will be caught. You're a sorry individual!"