Texas National Guardsman dies by suicide at southern border post

A member of the Texas National Guard reportedly died by suicide at the southern border on Tuesday. 

Multiple law enforcement sources confirm to Fox News that a Texas National Guardsman on a post in Eagle Pass died Tuesday morning. 

The guardsman died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. 

"Cecilia and I are deeply saddened to hear of the tragic loss of a soldier with the Texas National Guard," Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said in a statement obtained by Fox News Digital. "Our hearts go out to the family and loved ones of the soldier. Texas Rangers are leading the investigation, as the Texas National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety coordinate with local law enforcement."

"I ask all Texans to join Cecilia and me in praying for the soldier’s family during this heartbreaking time," Abbott said of himself and his wife. "And for any Texan who is in crisis, we urge you to seek help immediately from a family member, loved one, or a mental health service."

Fox News' Griff Jenkins initially reported on air about receiving a call from an orchard farm owner in Eagle Pass on Tuesday informing him of a shooting involving the National Guard member. 

Sources later confirmed to Fox News the shooting is believed to have been self-inflicted. 

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