Texas Medical Center hospitals and clinics move to no visitor policy

The Texas Medical Center is restricting all visitors in hospitals and clinics to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Pediatric hospitals and units will generally be exempted from these restrictions. 

Compassionate exceptions will be reviewed for visitors 18 years and older for situations that include visiting a patient with a terminal condition, patients requiring a legal guardian, and for patients with disabilities. Hospitals will consider exceptions for the NICU, maternity and post-partum units, and life-saving care. Individual exceptions will be handled by each institution.

“We recognize that this is difficult for families who want to be with their relatives who are hospitalized, but it has become critical that we keep the number of people in clinical settings to a minimum,” said William McKeon, President and CEO of the Texas Medical Center. “These actions are being taken to maximize our member institutions’ ability to protect patients, their families, and, critically, healthcare providers.”

Leaders of TMC institutions are meeting daily to work collaboratively on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. All are aligned in providing the best of care while focusing on the health and safety of patients and employees.

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