Texas GOP Congressman says Biden must 'own' crippling inflation

As Joe Biden both promised eventual relief from inflation and blamed the pandemic and Vladimir Putin for rising prices, the President's political opponents offered a much different read.

"Americans are not stupid, especially when it comes to their pocketbooks," said Congressman Brian Babin.

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The Houston area Republican is accusing the Biden administration of mismanaging the nation's economy.

"Inflation. It hits everyone. The average family is going to spend an average $5000 to $5500 a year more on groceries and gasoline. We've seen gasoline spike one hundred percent," said Babin.

 Babin believes that without sweeping change in the midterm election, middle-class families will continue to suffer as their buying power steadily erodes along with savings.

"Let me tell you, the average family that's got a couple of three kids, making $50,000 to $70,000 per year, let me tell you something, it's going to get tough, real tough," predicted Babin.

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Representing a district with more petrochemical jobs than any other district in the country, Babin believes Biden's rush-to-renewables has exacerbated the price at the pump and endangered or eliminated hundreds of thousands of jobs.

"Killing pipelines," said Babin. "Making public lands offshore for drilling purposes and production, off-limits and continue to double down on that. They own this inflation. They own this economy."

Multiple national polls indicate the economy, gas prices, and other inflation will drive the votes of three of four Americans casting ballots in the midterms.